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see: travesties

This month, I decided to see a play again. I was torn between Saint Joan and Travesties. Saint Joan sounded more interesting but when the reviews came out, they weren't the greatest and I found out the play is almost 3 hours long. Since I attend these after work on Friday night, I could not… Continue reading see: travesties

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read: may’s book club picks

  The library was a little better this month but I only was able to read two book club picks. Oh well. Sword & Laser: This month, the pick was Tanith Lee's Night's Master. It had a rough start with somewhat of a sexual assault of a child? It was super awkward and uncomfortable. After… Continue reading read: may’s book club picks

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#thanosdemandsyoursilence: avengers: infinity war

I kept debating just not writing about the movie. I loved it but it's not an easy thing to discuss without spoilers and many people have done a better job unloading my thoughts. In all honesty, this is partially the reason I haven't written about Star Wars in any elaborate way. I feel too connected… Continue reading #thanosdemandsyoursilence: avengers: infinity war

countdown to infinity war

countdown to infinity war: black panther (2018)

(These were my initial thoughts after seeing it in February) Thoughts: Wow. After Civil War, when everyone was goo-gooeyed over Spider-Man, I was all, "But did you see Black Panther?" I have been looking forward to this film for a while and it did not disappoint at all! I still can't believe we got this… Continue reading countdown to infinity war: black panther (2018)