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watch: how to train your dragon: the hidden world

I’ve been blogging so long that I actually have reviews of all these movies on here. #dedication

How to Train Your Dragon 3 poster.png

Hiccup (Jay Baruchel), now chief, continues to rescue dragons and bring them to Berk where they live peacefully with the humans. Unfortunately, the dragons have somewhat overrun Berk and he is determined to find the Hidden World, which is where dragons can live on their own safely. He is also dealing with evil dragon hunter, Grimmel the Grisley (F. Murray Abraham), who wants to kill Toothless.

I am so sad that this is the end of these beautiful movies. Every one of them has been such a joy and there really isn’t much weakness. It is one of the most solid trilogies I’ve ever seen. Each of these films have had different storylines but getting to this conclusion feels right.

It always goes back to the partnership of Hiccup and Toothless. That is the heart and soul of these films. Even with their respective love interests (Astrid, voiced by American Ferrera, and the Light Fury), these two really push the narrative forward. I’ve loved watching Hiccup go from constant screw-up to chief. He really came into his own and it was deserved! And Toothless is so adorable. I really want a dragon. I could go on and on about the cast and other characters. There is so much humor and it’s never dumb or only for children.

But what always takes my breath away is the animation. Everything is so beautiful. And even the character design this time, I thought they looked extremely lifelike. But the flying shots. The scene with Toothless and the Light Fury flying with John Powell’s gorgeous score, I was in absolute awe. And when Hiccup and Astrid find the Hidden World (even though it looked a little too much like Pandora from Avatar), just stunning. I can’t believe I didn’t know Roger Deakins worked on these films (as a visual consultant) but now that I do, I understand exactly how they managed to achieve those shots.

I will very much miss Berk, Toothless, and Hiccup but what a way to go out. Well done.

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