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read: the poppy war by r.f. kuang

Another book that I’m grateful to Sword & Laser for bringing my way!

The Poppy War (The Poppy War, #1)

Rin is an orphan who manages to ace a test that grants her admission to the prestigious military academy, Sinegard. Her background leads to conflict with her privileged classmates but she manages to tap into a part of herself to bring about immense power. When war begins again, she is thrown into battle with her new skills.

Ugh, this is a terrible synopsis but this book is amazing! I loved every single word! Immediately, I was taken with the world and especially Rin. She is the perfect character. I realized that the two books I’m currently reading have angry, snarky young women who are only trying to find power within themselves despite their circumstances and I am so here for that.

For a book that deals with war and such, it is surprisingly hilarious. Again, mostly from Rin, but the humor in this book really elevates it in my eyes. And the fantasy elements felt grounded and real and kind of learning about another culture in regard to these elements was incredible.

There were a few moments that reminded me of Mulan, especially when she teams up with Altan. Guh, Altan. And Kitay. And Nezha. God, I loved these babies so much. I cannot recommend this book more and I’m hearing the sequel is even better. Read this book!

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