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watch: brittany runs a marathon

I had heard about this movie after Sundance but it wasn’t until I saw the trailer that I was sold. It was due to the fact that I hadn’t really enjoyed Jillian Bell’s work previously.


Brittany (Bell) is a bit of mess. She has a crappy job, loves partying, surrounds herself with not great people, and then finds out she’s overweight. With this news, she decides to start running and by doing so, she finally starts to grow up.

There’s a good movie in here. I know there is. I liked a lot of it. But there were some narrative shifts that really bugged me and at some point, the self sabotage got under my skin in the worst way.

At the beginning, I immediately noticed how her friends were the worst. When she finally started making better friends, I was overjoyed because really, they were tearing her down and it was awful! As she started to get her life together, I was inspired. My life isn’t as much of a mess as hers but still! I’ll take anything at this point.

But then, the final act kind of screwed everything up and I was waiting for the movie to just end. It went against almost everything she worked for and it didn’t feel like it was part of her character anymore! I was very frustrated that they went that specific route and it is still not sitting right with me. But the very end did make me cry.

I loved Bell in this role. She was perfect and hilarious but also managed to do a great job in the dramatic portions. I never say no to Michaela Watkins and loved her motherly wisdom. Micah Stock is adorable and needs to be in everything, please. And then, there’s Utkarsh Ambudkar, the slacker love interest with a heart of gold. I’ve loved him since The Mindy Project and he deserves more work too!

I had such high hopes for this movie and I’m disappointed that the final act kind of blew everything up. Grrr.

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